How To Keep Clients Interested

The holiday season is fast approaching and the rest of the year can seem like one party after another! As a small business in the health and fitness world, this might feel like a tough time of year as you navigate the balance of retaining clients each week despite the pull of parties, functions and events. But there is a silver lining - the holiday season can be a fantastic time to engage with your community and build more meaningful relationships.

Large companies invest heavily in marketing this time of year as the holiday season is one of the biggest times of the year for sales. Smaller businesses can benefit too with a bit of planning.  With shoppers of all kinds increasingly turning to social media to help them with ideas for what to buy, you are well-positioned to offer guidance that will help your clients stay loyal AND healthy in the next few months.

Party Planning

If you are hosting a party or function for your staff or clients to promote your business or show appreciation then now’s the time to get organized! Spreading the word early (and loudly) will ensure a good turnout.

Develop Special Promotions

If you use this time of year to offer a one-time promotion - in person or online - then decide early and prepare your marketing campaigns and graphics. Your key dates are Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Stay in touch

Email marketing during the holidays is a great way to target your customers and potential customers with special events, show some client appreciation and prepare them for a fantastic start to the new year. 

Make It Fun!

Create a holiday gift guide of all your favorite things. Share this via your blog and on social media or take it up a level and create a Pinterest board with a holiday theme and ideas. 

Turn Your Service Into A Gift

Offering special packages or gift cards is a clever way to boost your sales all the way to the end of the year. Perhaps even partner with another local businesses that offers complementary products and services or hosting a joint party to cross promote your products and services.


We know how hard it is to squeeze in a workout when you are struggling after a heavy night or when social events start to eat into regular workout slots. The ultimate goal at this time of year to to ensure your clients stay a consistent part of your business through the end of the year and into the next, so be flexible with schedule changes where possible, encourage good habits, and be sure to keep in touch even if they can’t make it to their sessions.


Planning for your holiday marketing campaign starts now.


Keep your marketing content relevant to your clients and your brand, and overall, have fun with it!

Industry Insight: PMA Conference 2017

I recently returned from the PMA Annual Meeting in Palm Springs, CA. If you didn’t catch the short video I posted on Facebook and Instagram, you can click play below and check out the highlights!


It was a busy (and very fun) few days catching up with pilates pro’s who have been attending the conference for years, and others who were joining us for the first time. There were interesting and insightful workshops on so many pilates related topics that I left inspired by, and grateful for, this amazingly talented community.


On the flight home, I finally was able to catch my breath and reflect on what made these few days so incredible. I came to the following collection of thoughts:


You Make A Difference

Whether you are working with clients, teaching other teachers or just moving because you want to, you ARE making the world a better place. When you make one person feel good, you become a link in the chain of kindness that connects us all.

Blake Beltram from MindBodyOnline reminded us all of this in his keynote speech when he said “ you’re strengthening the core of your clients’ soul and stretching more than their muscles - you’re stretching their capabilities”. 

In your marketing, if you aren't talking about this, you should be. Your impact doesn't just take place during that 60 minute session - there is SO much more to it than that. (Check out this article: Your Brand Is Your Super Power, or this one: It's Pretty Awesome (that thing you do))


You Are A Part Of A Very Special Community

When you are working alone or in a small studio, it is easy to feel isolated. When you take the opportunity to participate and attend conferences for your industry, you experience firsthand the breadth and depth of who we collectively are. Making new connections is every bit as important as what we learn at these events. Perhaps even, by making new connections we are able to learn more! Together, we are this incredible community of movement innovators with real purpose. When we get together in a room - sparks fly!


You Are Going Places

Every year I am blown away by the talent and knowledge within our industry. From the new research studies that were presented to the lively discussions during break-out sessions. The workshops I was able to attend this year highlighted just how intelligent and smart our community is and how we continue to look for more ways to learn and grow. Cheers to that!


also… You Know How To Party Like A Rockstar!!!


Above all, my favorite part of the conference was the coffee and connect series where we chatted over coffee about all things pilates and business related, from hiring new teachers, building new websites, getting new clients and what the Pilates In America study really told us.

I’m already looking forward to more of the same next year!



How science can help you keep your clients

As instructors we love a good pilates session (yes, some parts more than others!), it’s one of the reasons we choose to do this as a career. but, the same does not ring true for everyone. Not all clients will love every single minute of their session or class with you, they might not share that exact same passion you have for the workout. In fact, don’t you find that the exercises clients need the most, are the ones they like the least?!


But that doesn’t mean that we should avoid giving clients those wonderful exercise…  so how do we ensure clients keep coming back even though they feel occasional discomfort or frustration?


I want to introduce the findings from a scientific study called The peak-end rule.


According to this psychological phenomenon, people don’t remember the entirety of their experience, instead they judge experiences based on how they felt at the most intense point (the peak) and at the end of their experience. A positive peak point and  a positive ending memory can counteract any unpleasantness or discomfort felt during their experience.


The peak-end rule was discovered by Nobel Prize winner Danial Kahneman (psychologist). In his study, Participants were subjected to two different versions of the same unpleasant experience. In The first trial,  subjects submerged one of their hands in cool  water (14°C) for 60 seconds. In The second trial subjects submerged their other hand in water of the same temperature and again for 60 seconds, but then they kept their hand submerged for an extra 30 seconds, during which the temperature was raised by a single degree to 15°C. At the end of both trials, participants were asked which they would prefer to repeat.


They found that subjects were more willing to repeat the second trial, even though it included a longer exposure to uncomfortable temperatures. So the research team concluded that "subjects chose the long trial simply because they liked the memory of it better than the alternative (or disliked it less).”*


As pilates teachers, part of our job is to put our clients in sometimes uncomfortable or challenging positions, but we also need for our clients to keep coming back if our business is to be successful. The outcome of this study can help us better understand how we can help our clients AND help our business thrive. 


How? This study shows that negative feelings can be countered by one single success and a positive ending.


Fortunately we can easily apply this in our daily work, here’s how:


1. Design sessions that give your client a single strong “peak” memory

Having a continuous average experience - even if it is pleasant - is just not distinguishable. But having a single "peak" moment during a class or session, one big breakthrough, is far more satisfying and memorable. I even find I do this in my own workouts, for me the Teaser is the high point! For clients if you are able to emphasize that moment with a strong assertion of their achievement then they are even more likely to walk away with a skip in their step.


2. End on a high note.

Offer clients a “treat” at the end of a session, a nice stretch, a moment of calm and quiet or their favorite exercise. Personally, I was taught to do this as part of my training. I can still hear that voice telling me “give them something nice at the end to keep them coming back”! You can also ensure a session ends on a positive note by reinforcing the progress they have made, highlighting their achievements and using uplifting and affirmative language as you book them into their next session and wave them goodbye...


I hope this science backed business tip helps you better your business this week

Learn From A Fellow Studio Owner: Simona Cipriani

This is a very special day because I'm super excited to share with you this amazingly insightful interview with the wonderful Simona Cipriani. Enjoy!

Simona Cipriani

Simona Cipriani is the owner of the Art of Control and the Educational Director of The Art and Science of Contrology Pilates Training Program. She is a Second Generation Pilates Instructor who studied extensively with Romana Kryzanowska, becoming a certified instructor of the Authentic Pilates Method in 1993. Her studio The Art Of Control, is in Stamford, CT.


Describe your business

I started my business in 1997 in Westchester County, New York. So, we are 20 years old this year - it's a big birthday! We spent 10 years at that studio and then we moved to Purchase College. Today, my studio is in Stamford Connecticut. We are part of a beautiful new facility that includes a fitness training, Acupuncturists, Yoga teachers and Massage Therapists.

Here, I have a team of really experienced teachers, and a number of apprentices who are going through my teacher training program. I teach around 15 to 20 hours a week and I have my teacher training program on top of that which involves teaching seminars and mentoring apprentices. I am frequently traveling to teach my program, infact I leave for South Korea tomorrow!


What is the biggest lesson you have learnt as a business owner?

One person can't do it all! Especially, if you are dedicated to teaching and you really enjoy teaching like I do.  I have found that I need get help to accomplish certain tasks in my business that I don't enjoy doing or don't have the time to do.


Biggest challenge to date?

My biggest challenge has been finding strong, loyal teachers to work in my studio and to grow with my business. I trust my teachers with my clients and finding the right people is not easy. Professional and loyal teachers are hugely valuable in this industry and I have learnt how to trust the right people and avoid people who are negative or not the right fit for my studio.


What do you love most about what you do?

I love to teach. I love to see my clients progress and help them become more healthy and more active. Seeing the change in their body, but also their mind, is incredible. 

Being overwhelmed can take away from this joy, so whenever I find that happening, I always come back to doing what I love, which is teaching clients and teaching teachers.


What skills or actions are most important to running your business successfully?

  1. You need to have passion for the work and the method 
  2. You need to care about the clients making progress 
  3. You need to be courageous! Invest in yourself and your business and be flexible to the environment around you in order to be successful. This takes guts - it’s not always easy.


What is in your future?

Haha - it depends on the day! I love to teach and I love to travel so I see traveling to teach in my future, just as I am doing right now. I will continue to do what it takes to make my studio successful, and I want to continue to invest in my training program and continue build it so that it is accessible to more people! 

Learn more about Simona HERE



BUSINESS CHAT: Industry Insight

I just returned from the BOLD conference in San Diego. BOLD is the annual conference held by MindBody (the online scheduling software provider) for fitness and wellness businesses. It’s essentially 2 days of inspiration on how to build your business better.


Despite all the fun (and there was plenty!), a TON of learning happened too, and most attendees left with a long list of business to-do’s.


I want to share with you some of the biggest take aways (and some REALLY interesting data points!)


Industry trends

  • Across all of MindBodyOnline’s client base, the average Year Over Year revenue growth was 5.5%. (How do your numbers compare?)

  • 37% of all bookings happen online. And this is a trend that is increasing.

  • Another trend that is gaining popularity - last minute booking. Increasingly clients are booking on the same day as the class/session they wish to attend. 

  • Also, clients like variation. 30% of consumers go to 3 or more studios on a regular basis. 38% go to 2 studios regularly.


Here’s where there is opportunity: 

On average across the fitness industry, only 33% of clients were retained from one year to the next.

Retention is affected by pricing, sales and client relations. 


How can you improve retention?

  1. Have a better pricing strategy
  2. Have a sales process that is focused on connecting with new clients and keeping them engaged through the early stage of their journey in your business
  3. Get regular feedback from your clients on what they care about

In all my conversations with business owners over these 2 days, the biggest take-away was that following up with new clients with a system for retention is crucial to healthy growth.


If you want more guidance on how to put together a simple sales system that works - let me know - I have some resources that can help.


Good luck!


Empowered Branding - Enrollment Closing Soon


Ok folks, your time is almost up on enrolling in Empowered Branding. So, I'm going to give it to you straight - here's why should you join this program:



To run a wellness business successfully and to follow your dreams takes guts and determination. It also takes the right combination of knowledge, productivity and management know-how. You weren't meant to do this alone. Even the most successful business owners have mentors and coaches who guide them through decisions and business strategy. In Empowered Branding, you get me and your co-participants to learn from and lean on for support and insight. We are in this together. 


I have dedicated the last 5 years to helping studios transform and grow their businesses. Before that I was a full-time Pilates teacher, and before that I worked on the trading floor of a large Wall Street bank. I know how much business advice there is out there. I also know how little of it is practical and relevant to a wellness business. That's why I created this program - everything we discuss is applicable in your business and WILL ADD VALUE.


Some skills are fundamental for business success. Others are not (for example, I don't think being a Pinterest Pro is totally necessary - outsource it!). But others ARE necessary. The studios that succeed are driven forward by passionate and confident leaders who are able to talk about what they do in a way that compels those around them to act. This is a skill that is transferable to any business you operate. Being able to share your value as a business owner is fundamental to your success. This program takes you step by step through how you do that. If you aren't investing in building these skills, you may never reach your true potential.


Strong words? I know. But I had to share. 




And, when you join, you get access to all future rounds of the program, content upgrades and resources - this isn't a one-time thing!

If you want to learn more about the program and whether it's right for you, get in touch and schedule a coffee or simply email me and we can plan a time.


Or simply go ahead and sign up here:


I hope to see you there!



Empowered Branding Program - Boost visibility, credibility & profitability

You are a business owner who is doing good in this world by helping your clients be better versions of themselves... day in, day out. I celebrate that and I celebrate you.

But, listen up. I've got news for you. 

It's YOUR turn now.

It's time for YOUR business to thrive.

If you are wondering how you can reach more people while continuing to uphold the high value and high quality experience you have invested 1000’s of hours creating, then I’d love for you to join me in my 10 week coaching program - Empowered Branding.

Empowered Branding is a proven combination of learning materials, discovery worksheets, tools, resources and personal coaching designed for your professional growth (with a sprinkle of accountability and tons of unwavering support thrown in for good measure).

Every element in this program is designed to put you in a place where you are able to reach more clients who "get you" and turn them into long-term clients who stay with you year after year.

I know how unique your business is and I believe wholeheartedly in the power of individuality but… perhaps you need help to pull it all together?

get your business the attention it deserves and discover techniques to build a powerful brand that gets attention and makes you memorable.


Empowered Branding is designed to stop the overwhelm of marketing in it's tracks and create a strong brand message that REALLY resonates with your clients. 

We kick off on October 8th (registration is closing very soon).  There are a couple of spots remaining so if you have been thinking about this - NOW IS THE TIME TO BOOK YOUR VIRTUAL COFFEE!


Let me guide you.

With tons of tools, guidance and accountability to make sure you are moving forward and implementing what you learn to improve your business... it could be exactly what you need to kick off 2018 with a bang!


This is your chance to make it happen.

Marketing Truths

Marketing builds brand recognition


Marketing builds relationships


Marketing connects you to the outside world where your clients are


Marketing is not optional. There is no no blanket solution, no one size fits all. You are unique and the way you engage and interact with your clients is also unique.


Marketing is about sending the right message to the right people so that they are compelled to take action to join your community of clients.


The key to effective marketing is to craft your message in a way that allows people to self-select so that when they see your message they think “YES! This is for me! I’ve been waiting for exactly this to come into my life!”


That’s why you can’t just throw spaghetti at the wall to see what works… you don’t have time for that.


You need a step-by-step guide to building a solid marketing plan that will help you generate the interest you need and get your clients across the line to becoming loyal long-term clients.

That's exactly what you get with Empowered Branding

We don’t mess about with quick and easy tips that are irrelevant to your business. We create a strong core to allow you to move forward and make progress with confidence. Just like you do for your clients.

The 10 week program kicks off on October 8th. Doors for enrollment are closing pretty soon. I would hate to see you miss out on the beginning of a new chapter for you and your business!

If you not sure... let's set up a virtual coffee and chat about whether this is the right step for you. Click on the link below and book a time that works :)

What Are You Telling Them?

"Help! I need to do more marketing!

How do I get more clients? How do I keep my clients?

There is a lot of people doing what I do. How do I stand out?" 

I hear this a ton from people in your shoes.

We don’t have a lot of time to convince people of the magic of pilates, of movement, of mindfulness. If there was, we would tell them about the principles of pilates and how it is a workout for the mind as well as the body. We would talk about all the different pieces of equipment. We would tell a story about how Joe was known for working out in his underwear, and perhaps how the original magic circle was inspired by the ring from a beer barrel. 


But, there isn’t always time for that.


Labels don’t help us either, because they don’t capture the essence of what makes every single one of us so unique.  


Describing HOW you do what you do, doesn't necessarily get people interested either. 


And, frankly, that's not what captures most people’s attention.


When people get really interested in what you do, it’s when they truly and deeply understand the value you give them. 


The value is in the change. The transformation they experience as a result of your services.

The before and after. 


These changes don’t need to be huge and dramatic. But, they do need to be specific. 


Many businesses fail to have a clear picture of this transformation. And, they don't know how to share this with their target clientele in a way that resonates and drives them to pick up the phone and book a session.

If you can get clear on this, it will change the how people see you and what they hope you can give them.

Do you want help shaping the perception of your business? Are you keen to learn how to get inside your clients shoes so you can speak to them in a way that really resonates? 

The Empowered Branding Program can help.


Or why not schedule a 20 minute (free & no obligation) virtual coffee and we can chat about whether this is the right step for you!