Why Branding Really Matters For Your Studio Business

In a world where people can go to any studio, why should they come to yours? 


Branding is more important than ever.

Spring Three | Branding


Your studio brand may seem like an elusive concept but the reality is that for the most successful businesses in our industry, brand is the most important tool available to build meaningful and loyal relationships with clients.


A brand is so much more than a logo, some fonts, a color choice and a theme song! Your brand is what people think of and feel when they hear your name, see your logo or walk into your studio.


It may sound simple, yet nearly every business struggles with pinpointing it’s values and mission, it’s personality and vision.


Brand is such a huge part of how clients decide who they want to work with AND (more importantly for you the business owner) a strong brand helps them select who to work with based on factors other than price.


I love to talk about branding because it truly represents the heart and soul of what you do - it’s what makes you unique and memorable and distinguishable. Strong brands have an incredible awareness for what they do.


Unfortunately, one of the biggest mistakes I see, are instructors and studios using a generic label to describe the entirety of what they do.



And, while that may be enough to narrow the possibilities, it probably doesn’t compel those people to immediately take action and book a class.


Why? To resonate with clients, you have to share more than that generic description. 


I have found that it becomes very easy for studio owners to forget about the incredible value they bring to the world. And, ironically, it is those teachers who invest large amounts of time and money on continuing education to improve their skills and knowledge that tend to struggle with this the most.


It can be easy to lose sight of the truly amazing changes your clients achieve with the help and support of your studio.

What you do is more than a label can ever describe.

Finding the right words to show what you do is super important to making the connection between what your client is looking for and what you are able to offer them.


You can’t tell people what you do if you don’t know how to say it yourself.


Is it time for a skill upgrade (of the business kind)?


With all businesses, know, like & trust really is the name of the game whether you are in a big city or a small town. 


What does this mean? This looks like sharing more about YOU when you communicate. This communication could be via your website, your email marketing, social media… everywhere.

Inviting people in and letting them get to know you. The more they hear YOU, the more likely they are to trust you.


When it comes to branding, you start with understanding your business inside out.


Often, there is a lot to explore and uncover before you can pinpoint exactly what it is you want the world to know about you.


You have to look inside.


Look for what you do really well, look for what you are proud of, what you really care about and what you promise to deliver to your clients each and every day.


That’s where you’ll find your brand.


Once you understand what your brand is and what you want to communicate to your clients, you can explore all the ways to share and express that in a way that will bring your brand to life. 


That’s when magic happens.


You are best equipped to talk about your business with confidence and passion.


You stand out and become memorable for the exact things you want to be known for.


People start to take notice of you. 


You take control over where your business is heading.





But, I totally get it - you don’t have time to throw spaghetti at the wall to see what works… you need a step-by-step guide to building a solid brand that feeds a fruitful marketing strategy to attract your dream clients.

That’s exactly what you get with Empowered Branding.

Empowered Branding is a 10 week group coaching program where you are guided through online video content, worksheets, tools, and resources to help you get really clear about your brand.

And the best part is that we work together (you and I) to help make sure you know exactly how to use what you have uncovered and implement inside a marketing plan designed specifically for your business.

The next program kicks off on September 24th 2018 and is open for early registration with $100 off if you register before 31 Aug 2018 with coupon EARLYBIRD2018

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Why Branding Is So Important!

Yes, big studios with big financial backing and big expensive advertising campaigns are a force to be reckoned with.


But, as a passionate studio owner you actually have a head start.

And that head start is you.

If you haven't had a chance in your business journey to spend time focusing on your brand - now could be the time!


You should be.

I put together this little video all about branding and why it's so important for your business. 

Check it out... it could be just what your business needs right now.

Studio Biz Chat: Pricing, Retention & Facebook Ads

There are some common themes amongst studio owners that crop up from time to time, these are challenges that are faced by small businesses around the globe across industries.

But, as you know, there is no cookie-cutter solution.

What will work for one studio may not work in an identical way for the next studio. Every business has it’s nuances and it own set of unique strengths and that is what makes this journey both a challenge and a such a huge accomplishment!

Here is what I've been talking about this week with studio owners:


Price Increase For Pilates Studio

Tom’s hasn’t raised prices in his pilates studio since 2013. We discussed not just raising prices, but also what a new pricing structure could look like for clients and for the business. After some serious brainstorming and analysis we decided to add membership to the pricing options… although class-based businesses have been using this pricing option for a while - I’ve seen success with private sessions too. Hint: it’s all about giving the client what they need to find success!


Yoga Studio Retention

Donna has been having a ton of new clients in her yoga studio - looking at the number of Intro Offers Sold told us that it’s been a strong few months… but as we did further analysis we saw that those clients weren’t following on to become long term attendees despite a strong follow up process. Hmmm… the answer? Messaging. Focusing on pricing and not benefits means clients are only focused on price too. We spent a ton of time on brand messaging and brand value as a foundation to shift the marketing emphasis to the experience, outcomes and results. The outcome? An exciting new marketing campaign that everyone in the business is enthusiastic about!


Getting More Clients (Fitness Studio)

Finally, Sarah is an established studio owner and teacher trainer. But, new client visits is the lowest it’s been in a while. So we started talking about ways to grow the studios presence beyond it’s existing community of friends and clients. We talked a ton about Facebook ads. And, it can be pretty daunting to create a Facebook ad for the first time. What campaign to run? What is a target audience? 


So I put together a quick how-to guide for her… and I’m sharing it with you! Check it out here!


A facebook ad beginners guide! Get step by step instructions on how to set up a facebook ad in ads manager for your pilates, barre or spin studio!

Do you run facebook ads? What have you seen? What do you want more help with?


Good luck!


Good vibes only! How to resonate with your clients and build your brand

What does the word resonate mean to you?


Maybe it has to do with sound e.g.  “the sound of the siren resonated across the harbour”


Or maybe it has to do with evoking images, memories, and emotions as in “the words resonate with so many different meanings"


Or perhaps it’s about an idea or action being met with agreement. e.g. “the judge’s ruling resonated among many of the women”


Either way, resonate is a verb.


It’s an action!


when you are resonating with your studio clients - you are inspiring them to take action.

To book a class at your studio or work a little bit harder during their session... or better yet - refer a friend to you!


Let’s understand more about what it really truly means to resonate. 


It starts by understanding what brand is. 


Have you spent time developing your brand recently? Perhaps you need a quick tune up? Grab this FREE worksheet and see what you learn!


Branding is one of the most confusing, misunderstood words that is out there when it comes to marketing and business. 


Where I want to start is by sharing that it really only hits the tip, the teeny, tiny tip of the iceberg when you are thinking of your brand as the logo, the color scheme and the pretty packaging.


That’s just the very tip of the iceberg. We want to go deeper. 


At its essence, your brand is how people feel about you. 


When you can unlock how people feel about you, you have the keys to the kingdom. 


You have the key to understanding how you can resonate with your peeps. 


How do you do that? Which tools do you use? Which strategies help you to unlock that resonance? 


What works for a boutique fitness studio business like yours?


Your brand is expressed through several different elements that you are putting out into the world. The most obvious is the design, the colors and the logo - what we typically think of as branding. 


There are 3 other elements that are equally, actually, more important!


These include language and tone that we use when we speak to our clients and community. Then there are the stories - stories that help us to engage better and show our clients that we are there to help them get what they want.


Then finally, experience. The experience a client has with your studio. This is huge. HUGE!


All four of these elements are what help us to resonate deeply with all our clients. 


Resonance is not about persuasion or manipulating clients into thinking or feeling something about us. 


It’s about meeting them exactly where they are, getting on the same frequency — that same wavelength-- that magnetically attracts them to us. 


The science of resonance is really, really powerful. 


How does your brand resonate? 


I want to know :) 

- Seran


P.S. BONUS!! Check out my FREE brand evaluation worksheet here. What will you learn?

The Secret Tactic Successful Businesses Use Over And Over Again To Make Easy Business Decisions

Question for you:


Who is your typical client?

A: Anyone who wants to move

B: People who can afford my rates

C: People like Sally, an interior designer, who loves to take my 8.30am class after school drop off, is focused on making progress in her workouts, motivated, friendly and loves our small community


You might have all kinds of people coming to your boutique fitness studio but when you dive a little deeper, uncover their needs, hopes and goals you’ll find that regardless or occupation or age, they have something in common.


Spring Three | Seran Glanfield

They are hoping you will help them.


"Help with what?” you say!


And that is when you have to become a bit of a detective.


If you can really get to know your clients - what they want from you and why they are there - then you can make business decisions that will help them more… and you will make more money in the long run.


LOOKING FOR HELP UNDERSTANDING YOUR CLIENTS? Why not ask for feedback and testimonials? It's an easy and simple way to learn more about your clients. Get my FREE download for your step-by-step guide to asking and using testimonials in your studio business HERE


Once you know your client inside-out, you will know exactly what to say to attract more just like them. Marketing made easy or what?!


My clients have used this tactic over and over again with great success. We focus a lot of time creating client profiles, discovering more about clients, understanding better how we can help them. It's super fun - and it uncovers a ton of valuable information.


How is it useful? Here are some real-life examples of when a client profile has helped make a business decision:


Thinking about running a new class at 7am, ask yourself; will Sally like this? Will this work for her? 


How about a dreaded price change/increase? Figuring out how you would tell Sally will help you more easily craft a message that delivers the news with less stress and worry about how your clients will react.


And one studio owner recently discovered that her clients are total foodies - they really love to cook and eat out, so she started sharing her favorite healthy recipes and even reviews of local restaurants!


Getting to know your clients will help you better serve them.


Leaving you with happy clients AND more revenue.


Win, win!


Now, it’s your turn!

  • Who is your ideal client?
  • What are they like? What do they like?
  • Why do they come to you?
  • What are their hopes?
  • What stresses them out?


Once you’ve spent time learning more about your client, ask yourself: 


  • How can I best serve them? 
  • Where am I missing an opportunity to help them get more out of their time in my studio?


Go one... give it a try! 


Good luck!


P.S. Get access to my FREE guide to getting great insight from your clients via testimonials right here. A step-by-step guide to make it easy for you!