10 Ways To Boost Your Customer Experience

I recently wrote about the importance of creating a wonderful customer experience. (If you missed - you can read more about that here).

SPRING THREE | Studio Business Tips

As a follow up, I wanted to share with you some ideas that I’ve seen work really nicely to create that sense of community, nurture and appreciation within your studio.

So, if you are a little stumped about what you can do to up your game, this list might offer some inspiration.

Offer all your clients towels. If you are a studio that get people super sweaty cold towels are a really nice touch!

Staying hydrated is crucial to wellness. So why not offer your clients water. This could be via a water cooler, bottled water OR a jug filled with water and infused with lemon, or cucumber. When the the temperatures start to drop, why not offer warm tea instead?

Speaking of warm… nothing is more important than a warm welcome! A big smile goes a long way. Your clients should be made to feel as though they are in the right place from the moment that they walk in through the door.

And then - don’t fear the follow up! Just as the welcome is super important, following up makes all the difference especially for new clients. This could be a simple text after class or a phone call to new clients asking about their experience.

Celebrating your clients birthday doesn’t have to mean giving a huge fancy gift, but if you ask for your clients birthday when they sign up, why not make them feel extra special on their big day. A simple email, a little give away like a pair of socks or water bottle is all that is needed.

People love a give-away! Why not invite your clients to enter a challenge with a prize draw? The challenge could be taking an extra class, taking a session with a different instructor or even a bingo style game. Participants have the chance to win some studio swag!

A referral program can be as formal or as informal as you like. Personally, I like letting your clients know that they can bring a friend along to their sessions early on in their relationship with your studio. Your current client gets a nice reward for bringing in a new face and the new client will get your fabulous intro offer!

Do you know their name? Combine a warm welcome and greeting your clients by their name makes you a winner in customer service!

If your clients are foodies, sharing your favorite restaurants or even your favorite recipes can be a really nice way to get people talking in the studio about something else that they love :)

Or having a book club can be really fun to get people talking about life outside the studio. The more your clients talk with other clients, the stronger your community will be. A book club can be as formal or informal as you like. It could be as simple as a  book recommendation or you could make it into a real social event!

Once you start to think about all the things you can do to develop the relationship with your clients, there is always so much more! And… often it’s the smallest things that make the biggest difference.

What do you do to make your clients feel valued?