It Takes A Village...

There is a romanticized notion of entrepreneurs being self-made. Single-handedly changing the world. Stepping alone into the unknown and rising to every challenge.

Well... sorry to burst the bubble folks

Successful enterprises may be driven forward by a single person, but it is unlikely they are acting completely alone. Usually there is a support network of co-workers, peers, partners, spouses, family or friends who they are able to bounce idea off of, people who champion their efforts and help them work through challenges.

Perhaps they have a really great right-hand person who can take care of the small details of big plans, they might have an amazing instructor who can train new staff or a super supportive friend who always reminds them of their big wins so they have the confidence to continue. 

Business thrives on collaboration, networks and partnerships.

While it might seem that your industry leaders are alone in their endeavors it is more likely that they have a team behind them pushing them to the top.

Have a think about who is on your team. Are you utilizing them in the best way? Who is missing from your team?


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~ SG


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