Keepin' It Real

Do you suffer from information-overload? Unless you are media-free  i.e. you don’t check your phone every 5 minutes and you read books in actual paper form, not on a kindle or i pad (I know, seriously, who does this??!), you probably do a lot of scanning and not so much of actually reading the words in front of you.


I’ve got news for you. Your clients are in the same boat!


When you communicate with your clients you’ve gotta keep their interests in mind and be aware of the demands in their life.


So, you should know these two things:


Picture posts get way more traction on social media than words alone - we process them quicker. 


Check lists get more traction than long paragraphs - they are easier (and quicker) to read.


To get the attention of your audience:


Be concise. Be human. Be relevant… and use pictures!



Good luck


~ SG