How Do You Start Your Day?

I like to start my day with a green juice. A delicious combo of spinach, cucumber, pineapple and coconut water. I throw in some super greens or organic burst wheatgrass too for good measure.

I’ll be honest, I didn’t always like the taste. But now, I love it! 

Infact when I am away from home I really miss it. But, for more than just the taste. It sets my day up. It’s a positive thing I do for myself each day - its healthy and it’s good for me.

It's my start to the day and now, its an important part of my routine.

(You should know that I also tried to start the day with lemon in warm water. But I had to drop that because, well, I really really love my morning coffee)

So, coffee then green juice. Thats how I start my day. Then I'm fully prepared to take on the challenge of whatever my day throws at me.

Some people choose to meditate, workout, walk the dog, read the paper. Its all part of a small routine that prepares us for the day ahead.


How do you start the day?

Do you give yourself a moment to reflect on what’s ahead or do you dive straight in?