What Did You Learn?

It’s that time of year again - planning, resolutions, goals, intentions are the buzz words for the beginning of the year. Here's another that is much more valuable - especially for business owners.


To continue to move forward and progress we can look to the past as an opportunity to learn for our future.


For 2014:

  • What were your big wins?
  • What were you most proud of professionally?
  • What did you do that worked really well?
  • What did you learn?
  • What did your business look like in January 2014 and how does that compare to today?

Why not check back in your calendar and remind yourself what you were doing back then and see for yourself how far you have come...

Perhaps an awesome promotion or event generated excellent sales for your business. Or maybe you added a certification or qualification to your resume that has really benefited your offering, or perhaps you participated in local events that boosted the presence of your business in your community. What about new class times or good press?

life is a journey and so is your business

To experience progress, always be looking to evolve.

To experience progress, always be looking to evolve.

Evolution comes from learning and trying. 

Take a walk. Clear your mind. And reflect on your achievements over the past year. You deserve it!

Good luck

~ SG