Get More Done By Doing Less

Delegating effectively is critical if you want to grow. After a certain point it is detrimental to both you, and your business, to have a single person be 100% responsible for every aspect of your operations. However, finding the right people and trusting them with your brand can feel risky.

The key is to hire the right people to to the jobs you don't want to do or are not very good at. This requires you to be critical of your personal capabililities and recognizing what the true need of your business is (which is often difficult to see!). 

Building a well functioning team to operate your business or help you operate your business relies on trust, support and communication. As the leader of the team, establish what you are looking for your team to achieve and clearly communicate this on a regular basis. 
Provide training if you don't feel that your team is up to scratch. 
Support and engage your team by really and truly delegating responsibility. 
Finally, ensure that your team is properly incentivized to do whatever it is you are asking of them.

Top Tips:
- Check in on a regular basis.
- Hire people who do what you can't.
- Avoid micromanaging (or fake-delegating!)
- Hire people who are smarter than you

Remember, adjustments take time. The philosophy of "if you want something done right, you have to do it yourself" WILL eventually lead to either burnout or stagnant growth...

Good luck!