Twitter in 10 or less

Do large parts of your day disappear when you open up Facebook or Twitter? If you're keen to check in and stay engaged more effectively read on.

Start the clock!

Minutes 1 + 2

Notifications - See your new followers and follow back profiles that are interesting or relevant. See Mentions to take a look at who has retweeted, favorited or replied to your tweets.

Check your Inbox - respond to any direct messages here. It's often easier to follow up via email as messages are also limited to 140 characters. 

INTERACT! Favorite, reply and retweet anything that is interesting or catches your eye.

Minutes 3 + 4 + 5

#Discover - This area is tailored to your preferences based on who you follow and your favorites. See Tweets, Activity and Who to follow. 

Minutes 6 + 7 + 8

Home - Scroll through tweets. Favorite and retweet good content. Reach out to new or old twitter friends.

Minutes 9 + 10

Finally.. Tweet! With all the information you've just processed you should be inspired. But if not - wait. Remember, only post something informative, entertaining or engaging. If you have a lot to say - use buffer or hoot suite to feed content throughout the day.

Top Tip:Add a picture. Picture tweets get more interactions than words alone.

Do this 2 - 3 times a day and you'll stay on top of your social media AND still have time for everything else - like Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest ;)


Good luck!