What's Your Message?

A well crafted email campaign is proven to be the most effective direct response marketing tool, and is fortunately cost-effective (or free!) and very easily available.

But, before you hit send on your latest newsletter, scan quickly and identify your message. Is it clear? What's your news? And what exactly are you asking your prospects to do?

Emails that get read, get attention and most importantly generate action have a clear message. Whether that is something informative, entertaining or asking for a specific action (or ideally - all three!) be absolutely clear about the purpose of your outreach for the biggest impact.

Top Tip: always include links directly back to your online booking system or contact page to make it as easy as possible for your readers to respond

Next, make the subject line an attention grabbing headline that leads directly into your message. Fact: one third of people open emails based solely on the subject line.  

Writing effective emails takes some practice. Below are some headlines samples that you can use for your newsletter. 

“Latest news. You heard it here first."
“3 reasons to book a session now” 
“New Class Alert!” 
“Psst... there’s something you should know” 

If you are looking for more help with copywriting, there is a lot out there but a good place to start is copyblogger.com.

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Good Luck! 
~ SG