Reflect and Look Forward

Its official hundreds of working hours and over 180 days of 2014 have passed. Can you believe, we are more than halfway through the year?! So, what have you got to show for it? Yep, I'm asking that question.

Remember those goals you set yourself for 2014 way back in cold, dark January… 

now is a good time to review, revive and refresh your goals for the rest of the 2014.

Don’t have written goals? *chin hits floor in shock* Grab these tools immediately:

Jot down what you want to do more of, focus on or work towards before the end of this year. Motivating or inspiring mantra’s are definately encouraged. This doesn't need to be lengthy - I chose just 3 this year!

Get visual. Stick these post-its somewhere you will see them regularly as little reminders to keep you on track.

This year one of my “things” was


So I stuck that on a post-it on my computer screen like this:


Where are you with your goals for 2014? Click here and let me know!


Good Luck

- SG