Your Get-Me-To-The-Beach 5 step plan

Summer is here! Vacation plans are coming up. Places to go, people to see, fun to be had and all that jazz. Now is the time of year to prioritize fun but let's face it - we've got work to do too! So here's the lowdown on fitting it all in and catching some rays!

1. Studies show that the more specific your are about what you are trying to achieve, the better your chances of success.

2. On top of that, research indicates that we lose willpower as the day goes on. 

What can we learn from these 2 pieces of information? If we want to get our stuff done we need to have a teeny bit of structure to how we manage our time.

Your Get-Me-To-The-Beach 5 step plan 

1. Use a sharpie and a notepad to make your list - make it big, bold and attention grabbing

2. Choose up to 5 (ideally less, but certainly no more!) things per day that need to get done (include workouts, tasks, chores or other responsibilities such as walking the dog or doing the school run) 

3. Start every item on your list with a verb and break down projects into specific action items e.g. instead of Friday’s Presentation, identify every action that creating Friday’s presentation will involve. You may end up with: collect sales figures, draft slides, incorporate logo, proof read copy, print presentation

4. Prioritize each item, ideally start the day with the most challenging item and leave easier tasks for when energy levels dip later on

5. Check them off - there is something very rewarding about putting a line through your task when complete. Enjoy!

BONUS: Make your list the night before - it will take no more than 10 minutes and it will save you hours.

Start each day with your own private mini-meeting with yourself. Look at your list, start with the top priority and take it from there!

Enjoy the rest of your summer!

- Seran