Time To Freshen Up?

At a minimum, you should review your website every 6 months to check it is a relevant and current reflection of what your business does and make sure there is nothing outdated or missing. Here is a quick checklist for your next update:



1. Contact Info

Put it at the top of every page and make it highly visible.

2. Location

Make your studio location easy to find and always include a map or description of where you are located.

3. Be Mobile Friendly

This is only going to get more important - make sure your site is compatible with phones and tablets.

4. Use Pictures

Pictures are a super effective way to portray what you do to your audience

5. Less is more!

When it comes to content and copy - edit!

6. Check for spelling

Triple read for spelling and grammar

7. Do all your links work?

Check them. Again.

Prospects should flow effortlessly through your website finding all the information they need and be guided towards an action, be that booking a session, getting in touch or subscribing to a newsletter.

If you want more help strategizing your online presence – get in touch here

Good luck!

~ SG