From To-Do to To-Done

This is your system for being super productive every day.

Each day before you leave work - whether that's the studio, your office or simply shutting down your computer on the kitchen table -  take 10 minutes to plan your focus items for the following day.

I know you’ve heard this before but it really does work. Here’s the step-by-step guide.

1. Look at your calendar and see what time slots you have available

2. Choose three to five items to put on your list.

No more than five and if time is short even less. an hour of free time won’t cover as much as you think. 

3. Everything on your list must be an action item.

Simply writing the name of a project won’t prompt action; it will prompt procrastination! Be specific about what needs to get done. The more specific you can be the better your chance of success!

4. Include work, play, personal and admin items.

Make sure you aren’t overloading yourself with heavy tasks. Mix it up with things that are less demanding. 

5. Prioritize - number the items in the order that makes most sense to complete.

Recognize what times of day you are most productive (for me that is first thing in the morning) and the time you have available.


Starting your day with a clear direction removes procrastination and allows you to dive right in before other distractions can get in the way.


p.s. When it comes to taking action on those tasks I find that some projects send you into a time warp. Especially when it comes to creating and writing marketing content for posting on Facebook or Twitter. In those instances, it’s helpful to set a 30 minute timer to avoid losing track of time. Knowing there is a deadline also boosts productivity!

Good luck!

~ SG