Are You Planning A Bright Future?

Pushing for bigger, wanting more can leave you feeling overwhelmed. An overly optimistic goal can trap you in a "more is better" attitude.

That vision you have for your business is out there. However, transforming that into reality takes some planning. Recognizing not only what you need or what you are lacking is important but so is making best use of the resources, people, skills and reach that you already have to get there.

IF you are serious about growing your business, take a long hard look at how your business works today. Define what you want it to look like one year from now and then get very SPECIFIC about what needs to happen to get you there. 

@@Strategic planning begins with a vision for the future and to reach that vision; there is a need for clarity and action@@. Clarity around the path that will take you toward your vision and the actual tasks, to-do’s, responsibilities that will build the bridge between your business today and your future ideal.

Being objective about your capacity, capabilities, resources and reach, will be far more beneficial to your long-term success than a lengthy wish-list of possible ways you could build your business

What actions need to happen each month, each week or each day? What mini-targets will guide your progress through the year? What resources will you need? Do you need to let go of something to make space for this new phase of business development?

When you work with this level of clarity and direction you are continually and consistently working towards your vision.

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