8 Top Business Tips

Wowzers - what a year! We have all grown and learnt so much, and our world of boutique fitness has evolved enormously (remember this filing from Soul Cycle?). As we come to the end of another year, here’s a little gift to you - the most popular articles from Spring Three. I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoyed writing them - enjoy!

1. Business is an exchange of value. Don’t make this pricing mistake

2. Understand what is behind a sale takes your business a whole other level. Understanding what clients truly get out of your product or service is very powerful. Here’s why

3. Stand 100% committed to everything that you sell. Or stop selling it. Find out why here

4. Create good work habits. Heres what that means.

5. Be likable. Central to the ongoing success of any customer-service business is the desire to nurture and develop the connection with clients.

6. Create a marketing Plan. Seeing critical dates and being able to generate buzz leading up to them is a big part of what makes marketing campaigns successful.

7. Utilize systems to streamline and simplify your business Here’s how

8. Email Marketing is the most effective marketing tool you have at your disposal. Use it regularly. Here’s why