Tools You Need For Marketing Success

Time for a pop quiz!

Q. What is marketing?

a. posting to Facebook regularly

b. being able to articulate the specific value you add to your clients lives

c. attending local networking events and handing out your business card

d. all of the above.

If you chose d. Hurrah! you win a lifetime of marketing success!

Marketing is:

Getting your message out to as many people as you can who are interested in your services, and doing that in a way that is compelling and authentic and that genuinely represents who you are and what you have to offer

Let's dive a little deeper into the above definition. @@If you want your marketing to be effective then you need some tools in your back pocket@@, these are:


1. A clear message to tell

2. An understanding of the selected group of people who you want to reach

3. What it is that you have to offer them


Once you are armed with these important tools you can go out and mingle in your community and tell them how your work can value them, be active on Facebook with a strong call to action and attend community events with people who fit the description of who you want in your business.

That’s when you get traction

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