5 Reasons To Hold Team Meetings

For any business, when it comes to what you offer, you must be able to stand 100% behind everything that you sell inside of your business. In a workout studio, every single instructor who is client facing must meet a certain standard of teaching AND client service.

Now I know that as an instructor, you seek to continually build and improve your teaching skills because you care about the quality of your teaching. You have probably spent a lot of time and money on continuing your learning through workshops and continuing education. This is key to your success.

Clients value you because you care about developing and growing your knowledge base

When others come to work inside your business and teach your clients, they represent your name, your studio and your brand, so naturally you expect a similar commitment to quality.

As a studio owner or manager, you have your own standards on how to handle client enquiries, how to schedule clients or accept payments. Perhaps you even have a certain way you like to end a session or welcome a new client.

As a leader of a team of instructors it is your responsibility to share these systems to enable minimum quality requirements be met

Having regular staff training sessions is a win-win for everyone. 

1. It gets everyone on the same page when it comes to how they should interact with clients.

2. It helps your business become more efficient. Sharing your systems for getting things done means work can be shared amongst team members and as a business owner you cease to become the bottle-neck.

3. It creates a stronger community culture within the studio which in-turn is felt by clients also.

4. It raises the credibility of the whole team - weaker team members will appreciate the support and guidance to improve. Stronger team members will be happier to be part of high caliber team.

5. Your team will better understand your vision for your business and how to represent your studio in the best possible light.

Make team meetings and trainings a regular occurrence at your studio. Update the team on your news, promotions, marketing campaigns as well as any changes to processes and procedures.

This is an investment of your time that will certainly pay off for everyone within your business


Good luck!