How Testimonials Can Boost Your Business

There is nothing more compelling to new clients than seeing and hearing the benefits of your services from other clients. This is why word of mouth marketing is so effective - when people tell their story they usually include how wonderful they find their class with anecdotes of why they keep coming back. This sounds like:

“I feel great after and the teacher is excellent”

“I really see the changes”

“I’m stronger than ever”

testimonials from clients help establish your credibility because they are real life examples of the experience you give your clients and the results that they get. they help to remove the concerns or doubts that stand in the way of taking that first session with you.

Getting testimonials and sharing them is a simple but really effective way to spread the word about your business.

If you can do one thing today for your business: get some testimonials!

Getting good testimonials is all about asking in the right way. It’s important that your clients tell you specifically how they feel before and after a session, what they enjoy most, what concerns they had before their first visit. Be as specific as possible about your questions so that your client can be specific about their answers.

“Pam is great” is not what we are going for here. We are looking for something more like:

“Weekly sessions with Pam have helped to alleviate my back pain that I have suffered for the past 3 years. I used to take pain medication regularly but I haven’t needed it in months”


Get your free resource here which includes specific questions you can ask to get powerful testimonials from your clients!

Be sure to ask permission to use their name alongside their testimonial in your marketing materials - this is really important!

Finally, don’t forget to save shout-outs on social media and re-post/re-tweet/re-gram to your friends and followers.

Putting some of these quotes on your website is a great way to convey your brand and services in a way that really connects with your clients.

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