Intro Offers That Work

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It's pretty standard practice in this wonderful world of fitness to attract clients to our business with some introductory offer. A promotion we offer to people who visit our business for the first time that entices them to give it a try. An introductory (intro) offer should be enticing and appealing, but not necessarily for everyone! As tempting as it may be, making your intro offer a free or largely discounted that appeals to the masses and gets a ton of foot traffic may end up hurting your business in the long run.

Keep the following in mind when it comes to an intro offer that works for your studio:

An intro offer should enable your client to access your service and fully experience it as thought they were a regular client 

Helping prospect clients get familiar with your service is important. Unfortunately, few exercise methods exhibit their true benefits after a single session. However, by the third visit clients can begin to understand how it works, are comfortable in your studio environment and may possibly begin to feel the wonderful benefits of your sessions. Great news! Encouraging new clients to give your studio a try over multiple visits also helps you to understand the goals of that particular client and whether they are truly a good fit for your business. Consider this your opportunity to deliver an exceptional level of service and to truly demonstrate that the value of being a part of your community goes farther than simply those 45 minutes of movement.

An intro offer should not be disconnected from your standard pricing 

Why? Because you will find it very difficult to convert intro clients into long term clients. You are looking for clients who can afford your services, not who can afford only your introductory rate.

Having a sensible discount that is highly compelling to those people who could become real clients is the goal. Another reason to be careful with deep discounts is the reflection it has on the value of your services to your existing clients. You want to avoid current clients questioning why they are paying what they are paying. If you want to continue to stand by your current pricing then you must make deep discounts or “freebies” the exception.

People give things away when it’s worth very little or nothing at all. When something has value, they sell it.

An ideal introductory offer will draw clients to your business to try your services because you make it easy for them to do so. A free class is nice, but giving clients the opportunity to see some real benefits from being a part of your studio is better. A 2-week unlimited class package or a series of 3 private sessions for a reduced rate are both neat ways to enable new clients to experience fully being a part of your business. It’s then up to you to impress them. You have the opportunity to remove intimidations, address their concerns and offer them a phenomenal customer experience so that when it comes to purchasing a full-priced standard package, it’s a no-brainer.

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