Building Good Work Habits

Demands on our time (regardless of career!) are constantly evolving, and consequently, finding the right balance between the things we should be doing, and the things we want to do, can be an ongoing challenge. Taking a long-term view of your business and making some of those things on your to-do list more of a habit will help you build a business that is successful and sustainable for years to come. 

Building good work habits helps to optimize your time so that you can enjoy all the things you want to do AND all the things that need to get done!

Good work habits include:

Staying on top of your numbers

Keeping track of the key metrics that show whether your business is on the right track. This could be the number of hours taught, the number of new clients that come to your business, your expenses, the impact of your marketing efforts

Engaging with your clients

Listening, asking and responding to their enquiries. Learning how you can seek to deliver a better service to your clients. Observing your clients and recognizing where their needs lie and what you can do to help them more effectively, more conveniently or more joyfully! 

Being active in your community

Spending time with fellow business owners who may challenge you within your business or may offer insight into local opportunities for your business (e.g. that space across town that’s available for a discounted rent). Perhaps you’ll meet a graphic designer who is willing to trade their services for yours. Perhaps by hosting a joint event, trunk show or similar, you might even find your next instructor or business partner!

Investing in yourself

Your skills, your growth and your wellbeing. As a owner-manager you are the leader and simultaneously the bottleneck in your business. You are both the problem and the solution! You are the one person who can see all the moving parts, and recognize which parts of your business are suffering and which parts are strong and could be leveraged further. It’s up to you to reflect on where you need to develop your skill set or could use some extra training, you are the only person who is able to take these vital steps to grow.

You are the sole driver of the train that is your business, and understanding what you need - and what drives you - is vital to the success of your business. By nourishing yourself with knowledge you are in turn bettering your ability to help your business progress.  By nourishing yourself with time outside of your business you are recuperating and reviving your energy and drive to continue to take your best business forward.