Words of a client: Working With Spring Three

I am truly fortunate to work with the clients that I do. They are passionate about their profession, they are open-minded and are keen to grow their professional skill set.

Victoria Torrie-Capan at Pilates on 66 fully embraced the Design and Refine program and everything it had to offer. As a result, she has been able to shape her business to become not just a successful pilates studio but also a well-respected resource for instructor education. Want to know more? Read this article written by Pilates on 66 about our work together.

Pilates on 66 & Spring Three: A Business Match Made in Pilates Heaven

The last time that Pilatesology was taping at Pilates on 66, Seran Glanfield, of Spring Three, joined us for a one to one interview with Victoria on the process of transitioning from a Pilates teacher to a business owner. This got us thinking about our strategic partnerships and all the benefits they offer to us.

As the head of Spring Three, Seran Glanfield has created business development tools and training to help boutique fitness studios (i.e. Pilates Studios) develop and grow their businesses. With the guidance and support of Spring Three, more Pilates studios than ever are not  just surviving but thriving as an essential part of the competitive fitness industry. It was the support of Spring Three that helped get Pilates on 66 through the transition of new ownership in an already established business back in 2011. Today Pilates on 66 is well on it’s way to setting a new standard for Pilates studio’s everywhere.

1. Mission & Vision support- When Victoria first sought outside support for business development the traditional corporate models did not fit the needs of her business, which is based on a boutique fitness studio business model. When she began working with Spring Three, Seran was able to tailor the tools and resources for business development to fit the business model that Pilates on 66 is based upon. After that Victoria was able to gain the traction necessary to take her business to the next level.


2. Additional Resources- Our partnership with Spring Three helped us expand our service offering to our clients and professional team.  At Pilates on 66 we put our clients first. Spring Three helped us to identify  who our clients really are and what they truly value so that we could give them what they want and need each time they come into the studio. We focus on making strong connections with our clients by pairing them with the instructor(s) who suits them best and making sure that every one of our clients has more than one instructor that they can turn to for support within the studio.

Professional development of the teachers at Pilates on 66 is our highest priority. We regularly host workshops and bring in visiting instructors from around the world to make it easy for our teachers to continue to educate themselves in the Pilates Method. Working with Spring Three has helped us map out the roles and responsibilities of everyone in the business. Each of our instructors is also assigned a key role in the everyday operation of the studio. We find that when our teachers take on a critical role in the business, the team works more uniformly towards our shared goals.

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