How To Be Open To Opportunities

When you take the time to reflect on your business and the way it operates, you have the opportunity to see clearly the parts that support your vision for your business and the parts that don't.

And sometimes, no matter how hard you try, some things just don't sit right.

I'm not talking about discomfort. Discomfort comes from challenging yourself. Stepping out of your comfort zone, evolving and growing (I'm a huge fan of that by the way!).

No. What I'm talking about is an uneasiness. That feeling in your gut when you're not quite sure things are as they should be. That perhaps you can do better or that your time is better spent elsewhere.

You must stand 100% committed to everything that you sell

And more often than not, when I come across services or packages that struggle, it is almost always those that you care for least. The ones you are least passionate about.

So, if you've added classes to your schedule that just aren't filling up, or that energy drink you decided to stock because it was supposed to be "the next big thing", is sitting on the shelves gathering dust. It's probably time to take it away.

remember: offering more products doesn't always bring you more business!

The more you offer, the more you have to support. If what you offer isn't selling, isn't appealing or just doesn't fit with the goals and vision you have for your business then stop selling it.

When you do this, you open up your business to new ideas and opportunities, ones that might be more successful.

You remove the frustration associated with that product and allow yourself to be open to new possibilities.

Your business will be more cohesive because you can hone in on what people want from you and, therefore, strengthen the relationship you have with your clients.

What can you take off the table today that will make room for more opportunity tomorrow?

And that brings me to this announcement... it's time to retire the Healthy Business Blueprint Program. Every business must evolve and Spring Three is no different! I need to make space for some super-duper new programs. More on that coming soon!

For now, there is still time to jump on board! This program will be available for enrollment until the end of September... so if you are keen to invest in the most comprehensive business training program available for boutique fitness studio owners - get in touch asap!