Effective Email Marketing

Email marketing is the most effective marketing tool you have at your disposal. If you have a person’s email address, then they've had some level of interaction with your business and so you don’t have to create a connection from scratch. Awesome!

Through email marketing to your database, you are:

- establishing a connection (in the case of a prospect client)
- reconnecting (in the case of a client that hasn’t been to see you for a while)
- deepening a connection with your clients (as in the case of current clients)

If you’re going to invest time in email marketing (AND YOU SHOULD!) then avoid making these mistakes:

1. Too much content

You have a lot to share and a lot to say and you put it all into your newsletter so that everyone knows about schedule changes in your studio, your favorite healthy dinner recipes and the latest brand of leggings your selling. Wowzers! That’s a boatload of information! Instead, consider sharing some of that on social media or simply putting links to the content in your email that points back to your blog (which is where you should house all of this information), you could even consider sending the information over a series of emails vs. all in one go.

2. No Message

@@Every outbound activity you undertake must have a purpose, a message or information that is pertinent to your reader@@. If you want them to read what you are sending; you must be sure to have a purpose to your email.

3. Quitting

"No one reads it anyway". I hear this often. And to that I say So WHAT! Don’t go quiet just because you don’t get 100% open rate. We are living in a world that has many distractions, give your clients a break. You want to be on their radar on a regular basis offering a little nudge that you are there for them!

4. Not utilizing social media to promote posts

Share buttons and forward to friend buttons are a great addition that can be placed in the middle of or beneath your content so that if and when your reader gets inspired by your amazing content they can share it too! In fact, why not actively encourage readers to share your content?

5. No links to website

A link to your studio website in your email is a must. In fact, you should have many. One in your logo or header which should be at the top, then sprinkle others throughout your email and don’t hesitate to use buttons to take people directly to your booking or sign in page for classes and scheduling.

Bonus Tip!

Use lots of white space, large fonts and pictures to make your emails visually appealing!