How Does Your Website Perform?

Your website is where most people come to find out more about you. And when they do, you have just a few seconds to make a strong first impression.

Professional website designers and developers know what makes people stick around on a site and are up to speed with the latest trends in getting visitors to convert to clients.

But, skills aside, they ask themselves these three questions from the perspective of a visitor when they are reviewing a site for redesign and guess what... they are super simple. You can use them too!

Take a few moments today and go to your website. Ask yourself the following questions to figure out whether it's doing the job its supposed to.

Am I In The Right Place?

You have 8 seconds to capture the interest of your visitor - and this number is getting lower - it used to be 15 seconds!

Being clear that your visitor is in the right place is first and foremost the most important consideration. For this, pictures speak 1000 words. Pictures of you, doing what you do. Not empty studios or equipment. Include pictures of you with your clients to share what a prospect client could expect from working with you.

Your studio name should be clear on the page (You don't need to do anything fancy here - it is more important that it is CLEAR).

Remember this: A visitor to your website has their finger hovering over the back button in their browser at all times, your site has to stop them from pressing this button!

Do You Have What I Want?

This is where you give a little more info about what you do. If you have a brief one-liner on your homepage, you will need to provide the opportunity for a visitor to learn more.

Be very clear about what you do and what you offer. Again, pictures are useful. Oh, and include your pricing - don't hide this!

Not everyone will pick up the phone first time. Some people will want to learn more first. And - I hate to break it to you - they will be probably comparing you to someone else.

That's why not only is it important to be clear on what you do; it's also crucial to be clear on what makes you unique and special. Make this message stand out!

Where Can I Buy?

This is what visitors are asking once you have qualified the above questions. You are SO CLOSE to getting a client at this point. Don't blow it now!

Invite your website visitors to call you, email you, or drop by! This is how you get them to the next step of turning from a website visitor into a real client.

Be very clear with your contact information, your location (include a map) and how to book.

Visitors should flow effortlessly through your website. It should be super-easy for them to find all the information they need. Throughout the experience they should be gently nudged toward taking an action such as booking a session, getting in touch or subscribing to a newsletter.

Remember, less is more when it comes to the copy and words you use. Be impactful with your language but keep it short and sweet. Use lots of white space to avoid the visitor getting distracted and include buttons to take your visitor from one question to the next!

Good luck.

p.s. Need help getting clear on what you should include on your website - perhaps you need a brand refresh? Get in touch to find out more!