Design Your Business For Your Goal

If you have been thinking about the year ahead - and let’s face it it’s hard not to at this time of year. You’ve probably been thinking about what you want to do (or need to do) to take your business up a level.

For that, an intention is helpful. But that alone won’t get you where you want to be.

To get there, you need to paint a picture of the business you want and what it needs. Map it out. Design it block by block. Create the structure that facilitates success for your business.

I’ve spoken to many business owners who have a dream for their business but, year after year, don’t quite get there.




What you need to have, and do, in a business that generates $50k/ year, is quite different from a business that generates $500k/year.

A business that generates $50k annually is designed to do just that. And that design looks very different to a business that generates $500k/year.

The business that teaches 50 clients a week looks different from the business that teaches 150 clients a week.

If your business is not designed to generate the revenue you want - then it won’t. No matter how many hours you work, how much Facebook marketing you do, how often you run a promotion. It won’t get there. It’s that simple.

You choose how to design your business, and only you can build a business model that meets the goals you set.

It’s not just about adding more clients to your schedule. 

It’s also:

  • your management style
  • your pricing structure
  • your brand message
  • your productivity
  • your resources
  • your ability to delegate
  • your contracts
  • your client onboarding system
  • your client retention program
  • your continuing education
  • your teacher perks
  • your community partnerships
  • your team

It all has to work together.


For success - your business model has to allow you to reach your goals.


Only YOU can decide what you want your business to look like. And therefore, what success looks like for your business.

And, only YOU can decide how to allocate your time, what decisions to make, how to leverage and grow your skills to allow you to reach your goals.


You make the structural changes within your business that facilitate success.

You change your routine.

You dedicate time to training your teachers

You plan your customer journey

You decide whether to hire

You decide who to hire

You decide how much time to dedicate to your marketing

You decide how much time to dedicate to your professional training


Let’s make 2017 different


Instead of pushing harder, working more, adding more to your plate. Ask yourself:


Am I setting myself and my business up for the success I want?

What’s missing?

What is in my way?


This year, choose a goal; analyze what steps need to happen to get you there and then build those steps into your every day, weekly or monthly routine.

Meet the milestones that guide you towards your vision


Need help figuring out what 2017 could look like for you? Together, we can work through my method for setting a destination, mapping out the route, and setting up checkpoints along the way to keep you on track. Get in touch and set up a Power Session for January. Space is LIMITED!