Dispel Those Myths

Are you tuned into the perception that people have of your business?

Do you know what they really think of you?

If it feels like an uphill battle to get clients through the door, then perhaps some detective work in needed.

Understanding what people “see” when they look at your business can help you be more proactive in shaping the message you send.

Often we are working against beliefs that clients have picked up along the way. The perceptions they have, based on what they have heard about you, or what they have heard about others in your industry. This could be something they heard yesterday, or something they heard five years ago!

Either way, if you understand what these beliefs are, you can address them. You can disarm them, and you can speak to them. Only then, are you giving clients the information they need to make a decision about whether you are a good fit for them and what they are looking for.

You have the ability to drive perception and proactively shape the image that people hold of you.

But first, you need to know what message you want to send. So priority number one is to understand what the concerns are, what the beliefs are, and what “misinformation” people may have of your business.

Listen and observe your clients. Ask them questions and listen to their responses. Get curious about what their concerns are. Read reviews. Ask for feedback. These are all ways to get informed about what is working well and what is not when it comes to the image your portray.

Remember, success isn’t only about doing what you do really well (although that is a BIG part of it). Success happens when you offer a quality product, and people understand that value, recognize that value, and remember YOU for that value.

Sharing information is important. Inspiration is equally important. If you can share the features of your services AND the impact you make for your clients, then you can connect on a whole different level.

That means knowing how to demonstrate and share your value to the community around you in a way that truly resonates.

And that folks, is what branding is all about! 

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