Business Chat Highlights (November Edition)

This past month I had the opportunity to travel across the country and meet some inspirational entrepreneurs in the fitness and wellness world. One who is about to embark on her third wellness business and another who has achieved her dream of opening a studio space of her very own. Regardless of where they are on their business journey, everyone has learned lessons along the way.

A personal highlight was the 2nd Spring Three Summit which was held in NYC, and I was so humbled that it was SOLD OUT event.

During this event, an impressive group of fitness and wellness entrepreneurs shared, collaborated and provided support to each other.

One of the topics we discussed was what we had each learned over the past year and since opening our respective businesses. Every lesson held valuable insight to other business owners in the room, and no doubt, would be relevant to your business too.

So, in the interest of continued support and collaboration I wanted to share just a few of these lessons with you.

Learning to set boundaries is a constant struggle for all business owners. Finding ways to be a teacher, a manager, a marketer and a leader on top of everything going on in your personal life is not easy. There are only 24 hours in a day after all. Some ideas we talked about included setting “office hours" to take care of administrative tasks and marketing needs, or responding to clients during business hours only and being firm with yourself about when to stop working so that you can be fresh for the next day.

Remember: you are in control of how and where you spend your time. Design your business so that it allows you to have the life you want

We found that as a business grows, it demands that more time is spent on work that takes you away from client-facing activities. But, awareness of your client needs is what brings success. So, be consciously spend time engaging face-to-face with your clients. Make sure that what you are putting in front of them, is what they want to buy.

Your business loses when you lose touch with the needs of your clients

In a world of increased interactiveness, you would think that communication is easier now than ever before. But, summit participants found that there are lots of opportunities for better communication. Communication of brand message both inside and outside the business was found to be essential. As was having conversations with staff about responsibilities, expectations and what is required of them for the business to run successfully.

We also found out that more isn’t better. But clarity is. So, writing things down is helpful.


My challenge for you is to think about what you have learned this year about how to build your business. What lessons have you learned along the way?

What do wish you knew 12 months ago that you know now?

I'd love to hear so click here and let me know!