Your Marketing Ecosystem

Social media is an essential component of the marketing strategy for most businesses. It’s a direct line into the homes and hands of your clients, helping you build a deeper relationship with existing clients and raise awareness of your product amongst new potential customers.

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BUT, your likes on Facebook don't guarantee business success nor do they directly correlate with your profit. What matters are the connections you make, and how (or if) those people go about engaging with your business. 


Digital media, including social media and email campaigns, certainly form a vital part of your marketing strategy. But the path from beginning to end has to be welcoming and clear for your business to be impacted by your marketing efforts.

The path includes:

  • how well your website attracts and directs interested prospects towards making that call to book a session
  • expressing the unique value you add to the lives of your clients
  • your client intake process and how you handle people who are stuck in the consideration part of the buying cycle
  • what services you recommend and how to phrase those recommendations
  • the way you engage with your client base while they are both inside your studio and outside your studio, to keep them coming back for more

Within this ecosystem, each element has its role to play and must interact and work together to achieve results for your business.

Be committed for the long-haul and your business will grow and prosper.

Remember, @@you are not looking for the next cheque; you are looking to acquire a long-term, loyal client@@.