Outsourcing Social Media Management

Marketing is time-consuming. I totally get it. Having someone else take care of all those updates sounds like such a time saver and a load off your plate doesn’t it? Some might say a dream come true!

And despite that, I am always cautious to recommend outsourcing social media.

My experience has not been good. The studio managers I know who have done this;

- are shocked by how much time they still have to dedicate to their marketing,
- are still stuck creating content,
- typically fire their social media manager within six months.

Finding anyone who is as passionate as you are about your business is really very very hard

It may not ever happen. And then trusting that person to become the voice of your business and represent what you do rarely ends well.

It is truly difficult for anyone else to be as in-tune with the goings on within your studio as you are.

It’s not all doom and gloom! There is a scenario where it can work. This is especially true if you are happy to create content and have the time to dedicate to ongoing marketing campaigns but perhaps lack the technical skills to implement effectively. In that case,  your social media manager should still have a very in-depth understanding of your business, your values and your philosophy.

You must be prepared to invest time upfront and on an ongoing basis 

If you do choose the outsourcing route, then be clear with your social media manager about your goals and define specifically what results you expect to ensure that your business is truly benefitting from this investment of cash.

If you are struggling to keep up with being online and don't feel comfortable with outsourcing, delegating this responsibility to a team member within your studio, or inviting members of your team to contribute is a great option. This also helps to build a culture of teamwork and community within your studio and can make your content more diverse, interesting and relevant. They know your business, they understand you and are usually invested in seeing your business grow.

I’d love to hear your stories on outsourcing your digital marketing. Hit reply and let me know your experience!