Build Your A-Team

Building a strong team takes investment. There are no two ways about it. To operate a healthy and sustainable business, you need the get the right people onboard.

As a manager of a studio, or as an instructor within a studio, having a team of people who support one another and that collectively uphold the principles and essence of your brand is immensely valuable to the growth and development of your business.

Finding these people is never easy. There are many factors at play, and we often make compromises because of an urgent need to hire and fill in the gaps. We often wait until we are desperate before we start to post the ad.

The key to hiring the A-Team is to always to be looking. Networking and regularly posting an ad may sound like unnecessary work, but it will pay off in boatloads and help to avoid you getting stuck in overwhelm.

If you are always on the look out for good talent, then you can take your time with hiring and make sure you find someone who is the right fit. And really, that is the most important quality you should seek when you are assessing whether to extend any offer.

There are some things that can be taught, and there are some things that cannot be taught.

You are looking for people who come in with the right attitude. A good attitude cannot be taught,  but you can certainly help someone with their cueing, session planning and education.

A successful boutique fitness business is built on solid relationships. Having the right people working with your client base is a big part of your what makes your service so valuable.

When you find a great candidate, invest time in getting to know them and assess whether they will fit well within your business. Tell them what you expect from them and the core value that defines your studio business. Take the time to figure out if your business will be a good fit for them too. Do they offer you what you really need? What are they looking for from  you? When you take your time to ask questions and dig a little deeper, it will be clear if you are on the same page.

You may find that your perfect candidate is already employed *sigh* or working full-time elsewhere. I don’t encourage aggressively poaching staff from other studios BUT, it can pay to build a network of talented people... talented people often know other talented people!