Time To Pause?

Around this time of year with those plans made in January far behind us, and the end of the year equally far away, we are knee deep in teaching, scheduling, planning for summer and more.

That said, it’s the perfect time to revisit, and possibly reset, the priorities in your business.

Take a few moments to think about your answers to the following questions:

- What are your goals for this year? Are you on track to meet them?

- What do you want to accomplish between now and December?

- What area’s within your business require your focus?

And most importantly; what action will you take to make change happen? Each month? Each week? Each day?

Remember: goals are met step by step.

Taking regular, consistent steps toward your goals is proven to be most effective

Using a large calendar to lay out your projects for the remainder of the year can help with managing your time to ensure you are focusing on what your business needs.

Then, by carving out time in your schedule and focusing consistently on each specific project, you will be set up to stay on track for success.

So, here's the challenge! List the top 3 priorities for your business for the remainder of this year. What do you plan to achieve? And more crucially, what steps will you take to lead you there?

If you are looking for an extra dose of accountability, hit reply and send me your list. I'll be sure to check in with you on your progress!