Quick And Easy Edits For Your Copy

If you are a studio owner, marketing manager or client service coordinator (or most likely - all of the above!), then you are probably responsible for designing your newsletter, writing articles for your blog and putting together your promotional copy.

And, despite the extensive knowledge, skills and experience you possess, getting words down on paper is harder than it sounds - right?!

Then, once you've researched, written and formatted, you also have to edit.

Now, let me be clear, not even professional writers get it right first time. And with competition for getting your clients attention coming from all directions, you need to use every trick in the book to get people reading your content!

Here are some top tips to make your content more readable and engaging:

I know go on (and on!) about using your brand logo and colors consistently but here is the exception. Dark text on white background is by far the easiest to read. Keep the background white and the text dark.

Use short sentences
You have a lot to say and a lot to share but rarely do long sentences have the same impact as shorter ones for the simple reason that readers lose focus and get distracted….. are you still with me ;). Give each idea it’s own sentence. Sit back. Relax. Your readers will read!

Create space
Every 2-3 sentences double tap that Enter or Return key and create space between your main points. This makes your copy more readable.

Be positive
Use optimistic tone and positive words. These tend to be more action orientated and likely fit better with your overall brand message.

To emphasize your key points and break up your text to keep your readers attention.

Use bullet points
These can help you organize your content and highlight key points.

Add plenty of Calls To Action
Sprinkle them throughout your copy. Make them clear and compelling. Not familiar with Calls To Action? Read more about them here

Use fewer words
Keep your content snack size. Have one message per blog, post or article. And be clear on what that message is.


Good luck!