Share Your Secret!

Do you find yourself wishing that more clients ‘get it’? Do you wish that they loved working out as much as you do? Do you wish they knew how important their sessions are and how they truly make an impact on their overall lifestyle?

You are not alone.

Most companies wish the same. Those companies that have a big budget for marketing spend a lot of money and time on getting people through the door with advertising campaigns and promotions. But in our world, it’s all about the long-term. Getting that client on board who will take multiple sessions each week for years to come. These clients become ambassadors for your business and will send their friends your way too. These are the core set of customers that every studio business needs. And to find them, you need to offer more than just a one-time offer.

You need to let them in on the secret

In all the programs that Spring Three offers studio owners, delving into the value of what you do is a core component. Sharing that value through the class or session you offer is quite simply, what you do. But, to get your clients to be loyal and engaged, and even ambassadors for your business, you need to give them a little more.

It’s up to you to help your clients get the most out of their sessions.

Share value during your sessions, but also outside of the studio with inspiration and information that helps them reach their bigger movement goals.

Some studios and teachers share FAQ’s on their website, but I am challenging you to go one step further and inform your clients HOW they can make the most of their sessions with you. HOW they can best incorporate their workouts into their life. HOW they can maximize their time with you and how they get value for money.

Let your clients in on your secrets that motivate and inspire you to keep moving, loving life and reaching for more. Share with them how you make the most of your workouts and what draws you to your chosen movement method. The better a client understands how to make the most of their time with you; the more likely they are to become a loyal, long-term client.

Set your clients up for success.

Tell them how to achieve progress towards their goals with you. Then support them every step of the way.