Keywords That Get Results

Are you responsible for writing marketing copy for your business? 

If so, some keywords are proven to be the most persuasive at encouraging people to take action and engage with a business. Interested? Read on...

The ultimate objective of any marketing copy is to support and drive revenue or sales. Whether that is by retaining existing clients or attracting new ones,

you are attempting to influence a behavior that results in a positive outcome for your business.

In short, you want people to transact with you.

If you sold widgets, you would tell people what your widget does, and why it’s the best widget for your client. Perhaps it's the cheapest or the smallest or maybe, it’s a multi-functioning widget, and it does more than any other widget in the market. Like, perhaps it can forecast the weather too. That would be neat.

For you, your product is totally different, but your objective is the same.

Your marketing mission is to express efficiently and succinctly the value of what you do so that your target audience desires your product.

To do that, you must be able to verbalize and describe the value of your product and then, you must be able to use words and language that is appealing and compelling to your target audience.

Some marketing words and phrases work better in different situations. Marketing pro's use the words listed below to entice their readers to take action. Take a look - can you utilize some of them in your copy?


Talking directly to your client as though you were face-to-face is a great way to get on the same page, relate to them and begin to build that relationship


Using this word, or words such as “so that you can” is helpful in describing the transformation, the benefit of your services, the impact of it on the life of your client. it also offers a reason for a customer to take action.


People don’t like to take risks. So they want to know that you’ve done this before, and that other people have had success with your product or services.


This is a positive word; no one wants to be unsuccessful. Most marketing is centered around people wanting more, or being a better version of themselves. The key is describing what success looks (and feels) like.


No one wants to pay for nothing. So getting results is essential. If you can, get super specific about measurable results.


This is vital in our industry. With such a significant portion of the population undergoing some form of rehab or living with an injury, it is crucial to express that your environment is safe. It’s important to anticipate potential concerns. Specifically the natural concern of aggravating an injury or not being able to “do it”, is something you should address directly in your marketing.

Other effective keywords include:

Guarantee - as in you have nothing to lose

Free - because who doesn’t like free!

New - as in cutting edge

Now - as in act now!

Final tip - don't use all of the above all at once. The number one priority for your marketing is that it is genuine, authentic and an honest reflection of you and your business.