This Is What I've Been Talking About This Month

This morning I was just thinking about all the different business building conversations I've had in the last few weeks with business owners, teachers, and entrepreneurs. There were some highlights that I think you’ll appreciate and that I wanted to share incase they are also relevant for you and your business... Enjoy!

You are your brand

If you want credibility, you have to practice what you preach. Your client expects you to have a greater knowledge and expertise than they do - that is one of the reasons they pay you - so you should take the opportunity to share that regularly. You probably already do this when you are with a client, but how often do you share your knowledge as part of your marketing efforts? No Ph.D. paper necessary, just share your insight and know how.

Don’t fear a niche

Ah yes, this is my favorite piece of advice! People want to be comfortable and safe. Not vulnerable and intimidated. If you have a client with a hip replacement they want to know you’ve trained other people with similar concerns. If you have an older client who has never stepped foot in a fitness studio, they want to know you can help them make get started. Now, that doesn’t mean that you can’t train different populations - those who want to work with you will always find you. But, don’t resist getting intentional about the type of client you want. Provide the opportunity for a particular sub-set of client to associate with you by narrowing in on your niche.

Make professional connections

Your network goes beyond your client community. Your network is also the professional connections you make not only because they can refer clients to you but also because they can be a great source of advice and information. Developing relationships with local physical therapists, doctors, nutritionists, massage therapists and fellow instructors will be helpful to both you and your client. Beyond that, there are other local professionals whose network could benefit your business. A local realtor or interior designer, for example, can also be a great source of referrals.

Use social media wisely

All your followers and friends should know what you do. That said, using social media to push your business on your friends might get you more blocks than likes. Instead, share pictures, a relevant article, a video or a tip that will help your target audience. You want to be memorable and approachable so that when that one person finds themselves needing your services, they call you instead of asking their other trusted advisor - The Google.

Be the boss

Treat your business like a business. If you treat it like a hobby - it will always be a hobby. That means you can ask your client to pay you on time, you can have "office hours” and you have permission to say no whenever you need to. If you behave like a professional, others will treat you as such. It also means that you should track your expenses, stop working for free and invest in yourself.


What have you learned this month? I’d love to hear.