Your End Of Year Game Plan

It might be a little early for some of you to be thinking about the holidays especially since we’ve just got back into our groove after summer. However, if you are own a business now’s the time to get planning for the end of the year.

The festive season is a great opportunity for small businesses to shine. While this time of year can be tough to manage because of the increase in late cancels, increased travel and frankly, because you are probably quite ready for a break too! If you can plan early - you can get ahead of the game and make it work for you.

Address schedules

It’s possible that your teachers and your clients will be traveling during the holidays. Start finding out how you can manage schedules and suggest adding in extra sessions before or after their trip to even out the potential loss of revenue (and progress for your client)


Your goal for all your promotions at this time of year is retention - keeping your clients beyond the end of the year. Find ways to get your clients to commit to their workouts despite the upheaval of the holiday period. Show up on social media consistently - you don’t want to let the world forget about you.


Can you offer a fun gift for your clients to give? Help your clients take some stress out of their holiday season and boost your business too!  Gift cards or special bundles made up of a class and merchandise you sell is a neat way to help out your clients while getting your studio some airtime in the community. 

Marketing Campaigns

Put in the effort to “seasonally brand” your business and you will be connecting with your clients and their friends. Dress up for Halloween and put an Elf on the shelf and your business will feel more fun and alive.

Carve Out Some Me Time

Just like summer, December and January are unpredictable months. As a business owner, be conscious of your energy levels especially if you have big plans for the upcoming year (and I know many of you do). Be sure to build in time for yourself to rest and energize when your schedule allows.

I know it can be a little difficult to put yourself in a festive mood so far ahead, but if you’re planning to develop your business for the long term, being prepared helps big time!