Find Your Focus

I’m sure you’ve seen posts claiming they are filled with short-cuts and quick fixes guaranteed to make you a bazillionaire overnight. And, as much as I’d like to tell you they work (really I would - now wouldn’t that be lovely!), there is no short-cut strategy to creating a thriving business. It takes grit. It takes determination. And it takes focus.

Sometimes when you run a business, that focus can become more of a blur. There can be so much “to do” that it’s tough to know where to start. Or, what it is that “should” be done. We’ve all been there. Desperate for a pair of glasses that will make everything clear again! In fact, working IN your business is so much easier than working ON your business that sometimes we simply start to avoid it… then sometimes becomes often. And just like that, the business in which you’ve invested so much can start to plateau or worse, dwindle.

I wish I could send you some magic glasses you could pop on whenever you start to feel things are a bit hazy. But instead,

I’m going to simplify it for you.

Here are the three area's you should focus on to grow your business

1. Giving your clients a phenomenal experience

That means a great quality workout, fantastic customer service and all the other bells and whistles they need. Your client experience is how you deliver your value. This is how they get their money’s-worth, and this is what you “do” - so do it well!

2. Engage with your existing community 

Reignite relationships with old clients, reach out to those clients who you haven’t seen in a while, invite people who are in your community (but not regular clients) into your business. Engage, interact, observe and listen. Regardless of whether your business is in a big city, a small town or online - you have to be engaging with your community. It's about developing a prospect client list. It's about getting the attention of the client who came once but never returned. Share your story, your message and your purpose. Be an advocate for your business.

3. Look for ways to elevate your exposure

This is when you go beyond the circle of people you already know. You are in the wonderful world of outbound marketing. This means reaching people who you might never have “touched” before. Extending your network, getting out of the building and leveraging digital media. You should look for ways to create brand awareness that work for you and your business. There isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach. Supporting a charity event, partnering with a sportswear store to hold a class, or offering a warm-up for arunning or cycling event are all offline ways businesses like yours can become a familiar face in your local community.

Deliver an exceptional service to your clients before, chasing prospects before creating new leads.

Focus. Focus. Focus

Good Luck.