Stop Converting. Start Resonating.

If you’ve done a little digging into the wonderful world of marketing in today's world,  you will have come across the" Ideal Client”.

This is a profile of your perfect customer. They are the people who want EXACTLY what you are selling. They are the people who get the MOST value from what you offer and send referrals your way. They are the people who create the most value for your business.

They are the folks who are ready, willing and able, to be your client. Today.

Pretty amazing - right?! 

These people are out there. Really, they are!

So isn’t it crazy, that so many businesses attempt to convert anyone and everyone into clients?

Instead, they could be taking a far easier path to profit, by engaging with only those who are interested and excited to be a client.

If you can pre-qualify your clients, you will have a better chance of keeping them for the long-haul. And, you will stop wasting time trying to convince those who are not interested in becoming interested. *head meets wall*

The mistake begins when businesses think everyone SHOULD be their client.

But, just because everyone SHOULD eat healthy, workout and meditate - doesn't mean they will ;)

Your ideal client is the person who would benefit MOST from what you offer. For those special few - you will resonate. And for the others, you will not - and that is just fine.

Your ideal client is looking for a trusted advisor to guide them toward a better place. You must embrace this role wholeheartedly. 

Your ideal client has HOPE that you can help them. 

And, that’s where your job comes in. It’s your job to lay out what she should be hoping for.

At that intersection of what your client is hoping for, and what you can deliver, you can paint a beautiful picture that speaks straight to the heart of your ideal client.

It is up to you to share what you can do for your clients.

Not during the session, but long before that. It has to happen in the very first message they receive about your business. 

Your goal is to provide your clients with the BEST information for making the right decision for them. The best place to start is by sharing with them your purpose and your value. 

How can you do this is a way that will resonate with your ideal client?