Why You Need To Sharpen Your Detective Skills

Have you ever seen that show, Undercover Boss? Where top executives work inside their company as a worker, doing the “doing," instead of sitting behind the big desk in the corner office.


When the CEO goes into their business “undercover”, they are often surprised at how differently things look when they are on the ground working “in the field”.


There is so much insight to gain when you see your business from a different perspective


This is not a new tactic. Retailers have long used “mystery shoppers” to find out where there is an opportunity to increase sales and boost client engagement.


It’s considered an opportunity to review the client's journey through the business and the way they interact and engage with you. Two huge factors that drive their decision to keep coming back.


Critical to keeping your client on the right path is that you make it as easy as possible for them to move from step to step along that path. Moving seamlessly through the phases of awareness, interest, engagement to finally complete a transaction.


How about you take a moment to stand in your client's shoes and walk through your business. Think about how easy your studio is to find, how easy it is to book a session and the overall experience.


Is it what you want for your clients?


Is your contact information easy to find?


When you sign up for a class or session - what happens? Is there a reminder email or text? What does it say?


How easy is it to make a decision about what package or service to buy?


When you arrive at the studio - what happens? Who is there to greet you?


What happens at the end of that first session? What do you say (and do) that encourages your clients to come back?


Is the experience how you thought it would be? What is missing? Where is there an opportunity for improvement?


This is what your clients see. This forms the foundation of their perception of you.


It’s up to you to make the entire experience (not only those 55 minutes of their workout) totally and utterly exceptional.


Can you choose one small (tiny) thing you could do today, to elevate your client experience?