How To Keep Clients Interested

The holiday season is fast approaching and the rest of the year can seem like one party after another! As a small business in the health and fitness world, this might feel like a tough time of year as you navigate the balance of retaining clients each week despite the pull of parties, functions and events. But there is a silver lining - the holiday season can be a fantastic time to engage with your community and build more meaningful relationships.

Large companies invest heavily in marketing this time of year as the holiday season is one of the biggest times of the year for sales. Smaller businesses can benefit too with a bit of planning.  With shoppers of all kinds increasingly turning to social media to help them with ideas for what to buy, you are well-positioned to offer guidance that will help your clients stay loyal AND healthy in the next few months.

Party Planning

If you are hosting a party or function for your staff or clients to promote your business or show appreciation then now’s the time to get organized! Spreading the word early (and loudly) will ensure a good turnout.

Develop Special Promotions

If you use this time of year to offer a one-time promotion - in person or online - then decide early and prepare your marketing campaigns and graphics. Your key dates are Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Stay in touch

Email marketing during the holidays is a great way to target your customers and potential customers with special events, show some client appreciation and prepare them for a fantastic start to the new year. 

Make It Fun!

Create a holiday gift guide of all your favorite things. Share this via your blog and on social media or take it up a level and create a Pinterest board with a holiday theme and ideas. 

Turn Your Service Into A Gift

Offering special packages or gift cards is a clever way to boost your sales all the way to the end of the year. Perhaps even partner with another local businesses that offers complementary products and services or hosting a joint party to cross promote your products and services.


We know how hard it is to squeeze in a workout when you are struggling after a heavy night or when social events start to eat into regular workout slots. The ultimate goal at this time of year to to ensure your clients stay a consistent part of your business through the end of the year and into the next, so be flexible with schedule changes where possible, encourage good habits, and be sure to keep in touch even if they can’t make it to their sessions.


Planning for your holiday marketing campaign starts now.


Keep your marketing content relevant to your clients and your brand, and overall, have fun with it!