Don't Make This Marketing Mistake

There are endless marketing tactics out there. Tons and tons of quick tips and ideas. 

One of the reasons there are so many different marketing tips and tactics is that there are so many different business models.

Before you go trying out marketing techniques that you picked up along the way, you’ve gotta make sure that they are a good fit for YOUR business model, the environment in which you operate and your marketing goals.

You see, some marketing strategies are for businesses that sell just once to their client. Think of the infomercial that sells that ab machine. Tactics for this type of sale include lots of urgency and deep discounts to entice a snap decision. The seller doesn’t care about repeat purchase, or referrals, or ever serving their client again.

Some marketing techniques are built for businesses that sell online. Here, there are lots of free downloads, free trials or limited-time discounts to encourage sign up. It’s about scale and volume. Whether the seller is selling once or one hundred times, the investment in time (or money) on their part changes very little.

Your business is not an online business

Your business does not do one-time sales

Your business is different

Your business is a relationship business

Your business is about your client coming to your studio week after week, month after month and year after year

Your business is about playing the long game not the short game

Your business doesn't create a "new product" every week

Your business does not reach the world

Your business reaches your town, your community, and your people

So your focus has to be on building a genuine, long-term relationship with your clients. You are asking them to trust you each time they see you. Trust that you will continue to deliver.

And... your marketing efforts must reflect that. 

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