Profit Comes From People

I’m going to give it to you straight. 

You have a customer-relationship business.

In your business, profit comes from people. Therefore, to be successful you’ve got to really understand (and then deliver) what your people need from you.

Traditional marketing jargon included rather aggressive words and phrases such as “capture”, “leads" and “target" clients. Seriously - old school marketers must have had a real problem with their clients!

Thankfully, we live is a different era today. Modern marketing, with the rise of social media, is about connecting.

We are looking to build relationships. 

We are looking to make our clients more informed through the content we share. 

Our marketing therefore has switched from pushy, slimy and sleazy, to opening up to conversation, and being more relationship orientated.

It’s no longer about us and them.

Today, we create connection and community.

Building a relationship of this nature takes time. Much more time than the traditional transactional relationship.

Marketing today is as complex as any relationship. And just as with any relationship, it is a combination of logic and emotion.

For you to be successful, people have to know your value. You must connect the dots for them.

Being heard above the noise in this busy world is a real challenge. But if you are able to create a relationship focused on commitment and not transaction, you will be rewarded with a loyal client, willing to endure the ups and downs with you.

This relationship lies not with you and your client, but between your brand and your client. 

Your brand is how people perceive you, your brand is a living thing that engages with the outside world.

Knowing your brand means knowing how to engage, attract and retain your clients through a robust and respectful relationship. 

A strong brand knows why it exists in the world.

What draws most people to be a part of a community is a shared purpose and shared values. 

Without a clear sense of your values and purpose, you will struggle to build a thriving business. What will people build a relationship with if there is no mutual purpose?

Know your values and purpose. Know how to share them. Take your business to a better place.

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