Why You Must Invest In Your Brand

How did your most loyal clients find you?

Did they click on a Facebook ad? or did they use Yelp?

Maybe. But, I'm going to guess your most valuable clients came to you via word of mouth.

Word of mouth is gold.

We love it for our business because it brings valuable clients to our door. Valuable clients are those people who have walked through your door every single week for the past 2 years (or more)… they are loyal and, they are your biggest champions!

But, why does it work so well? Why is this form of referral so effective?

First, only your best clients refer other clients to you. They know you well because they have spent time in your studio, they understand you, they “get” you. These clients are the ones that love the results they get and the experience you provide. 

Second, they use rich language to describe what you do for them. They talk about your business in the language that clients use. That language is often very different from the language that you use - as the business owner - to describe your business. They share details about the changes they see and feel and the overall transformation that they experienced… they tell they stories. Stories that are personal, relevant and insightful.

Sometimes, I wonder if, as effective as word of mouth marketing is for your business, there might be a way to make it work better for you. I  wonder if there was a way to make it easier for your clients to talk about what you do? I also wonder if those rich and descriptive words should be coming from you…

Imagine if the message came from you? What would you say?

What you want to be known for?

What experience do you give to your clients? 

Can you talk about the impact you have on your clients everyday life?

Can you talk about what you do in a way that resonates with your client?

You have just one chance to impress and deliver your message to new clients

When you are intentional about the words you use you will attract the right people into your business. So you have to be prepared to step up and do just that. You represent YOUR business YOUR way. Don’t leave it up to your clients to share your story.

Not sure where to start? Let me help you.

Through the process of branding, we answer all of these questions. The branding process helps you to get clear about how you want to be known and what you should be saying to make the impact you want. Defining your brand is about defining your value. 

Success happens when you deliver value and - here’s the crucial part - people understand, recognize, respect and remember you for your value

When you can find a way to properly express yourself and the value you add you will attract all sorts of incredible opportunities.

Early next week, I'm going to give you the scoop on my fresh new group branding program. You're gonna LOVE it. Watch this space!