Work Smarter

Last year I was unexpectedly forced to take some time out of my business. I was unable to take care of the everyday to-do’s, I had to reschedule clients and, I had to put trust in the systems I had built.

Those systems I had intentionally built for this very purpose. 

So that when I am pulled away, my business continues to exist.

Fortunately, I've been in business long enough to know that I can’t survive without a buffer. 

I love being a small business, and I have no desire to grow to a cumbersome company. I like to keep my growth steady and organic and I want to connect with each and every person that I serve through my business.

I know that some of you feel the same way.

I work with business owners all over the world to help them build businesses that work for them. While each vision is different and each situation unique, no business can survive without a system to support it. 

If you want to build a business that supports you and the life you want, enable that to happen with systems that enable you to do LESS inside your business.

Systems to manage clients - Organizing your time to follow up and be proactive about checking in with clients. Can you use gmail’s canned responses to check in with a new client? Can you use your booking system's auto-email function to confirm sessions?

Admin - What part of your schedule is devoted to admin? To those tasks like paying bills, paying taxes, bookkeeping etc. It's time to schedule it - if it’s not on your calendar it doesn’t get done.

Marketing - How do you reach new clients? Are you leveraging your network, connections and technology to get your message out to new clients? What actions or events are repeatable? 

Managing staff - Do you have a clearly defined on-boarding process? Do you have good lines of communication between yourself and your staff? Do you have a studio manual that includes general guidelines and expectations? 

Finding places in your business that you can leverage work you’ve already done will help you in the long run. What repeatable actions exist in your business? What can you streamline to remove your “hands” being on it?

Are you able to step away from your business without it falling apart?

What can you do today to help make that possible?