Are You Taking Care Of The Most Important Asset In Your Business?

One of the most important things we can do for ourselves, our clients and our business is to take care of ourselves.

Take care of our health

Take care of our mind

Nurture our drive, passion and potential.

Filling every second to the brim gives us no time to reflect, be grateful and allow our creative minds to wander.

Everyone has a different way to find their center.

For you, maybe it involves movement, or writing, or drawing or cooking.

Whatever it is, these moments are what allows you to recharge and be inspired in your life.

As a business owner that spends a ton of time focused on the wellbeing and needs of others, you especially need this special time.


Don’t wait until tomorrow. 


Burnout is real.


It starts slowly with the gradual demise of enthusiasm for teaching and helping clients, then begins the questioning; why am I doing this? Is this giving me what I need? Will I be successful? 

What I see, is not, as you might expect, some sort of boredom with the method. The love and enthusiasm for movement is there, just as it always was. 

It’s just been buried beneath too many days of doing the doing.

Think back to the early days of your career, what were you most excited by?

What do you LOVE about what you do? 

What can you do to regain some of THAT?

What can you do today to feel the way you want to feel in your business?

Because, if you are enthusiastic about what you do, then that is contagious to others.

And, if you are not enthusiastic, that too is contagious.


Good luck. xo