The Only Thing Your Marketing Should Focus On

If I had to choose one factor that all successful business owners have in common, regardless of their industry, it would be that they all understand their clients really, really well.

Specifically they know how what they do, fits into their client's lives.

For businesses like yours, in the boutique wellness sector, those who have successful businesses know that their clients want to be treated like they are special. Like individuals.

Look at your testimonials, and you will likely notice that they appreciate the attention you pay to their needs.

Focus on understanding your customer and seeing things from their point of view - that’s the real key.

Your market is not about numbers and demographics; your market is about human beings. If you want to communicate with clients (and new clients) in a way that resonates, understand first what are they thinking, saying, doing and feeling.

Meet Laura.

How can you help Laura?

Let’s listen to what she says, let’s observes what she does, let’s ask her what she thinks and how she feels.

Laura says she is exhausted from running around after her three school-age kids.  She works as an interior designer with lots of site visits and conference calls at all times of day and regularly catches up with work at the weekend. She grabs an extra coffee mid afternoon and snacks on granola all day to keep her going between all of her different obligations. She wants to workout but often cancels because she is worried that it will just exhaust her further. She feels overwhelmed, left out and lazy.

Can you help Laura? What would you tell her about how you could help?

How can you paint the picture for Laura of what your business can do for her?

Can you connect the dots between what you do, and what she needs or wants?

Could Laura use an hour to focus on herself for a fun 55 minutes of movement? Would that single hour give her the space to clarify her priorities, help her feel stronger and build her endurance for her busy life?

What am I missing that you would tell her? I know you can think of a couple more reasons why she should be your client!

If Laura WAS your client, and if you had others like her, your marketing message might focus on how you help your clients get more energy.

For example, you might write a short article titled “Do You Wake Up Tired?”, which you then post to social media, put in your newsletter and talk about during your private sessions.

If you are aware of the true needs of your clients, you will find opportunities to make a bigger impact.

With that information, you can go out and share, broadcast and promote your services in a way that directly resonates with your clients.

Remember, marketing is more about feelings than logic.

Embrace feelings and attitudes. Empathize and share. Acknowledge what your clients feel, think, say and do.

Building engaging relationships, that is how customer-based businesses thrive.