The One Thing You Need To Grow Your Business

There was a time when you doubled your client list overnight.

We all did it. When we went from 1 client to 2 clients. 

Then shortly after you grew your client list from 2 clients to 4. From 4 to 8…. and 8 to…?

Then maybe you got a bigger space, hired an instructor (or two, or three!) and bought some more equipment. 

You chose to build your business and invest in resources. You chose to take that path. You made that decision. Because you saw it in your future.

Making any decision, from what color to use on your website, to what packages to offer can be difficult.

When I see small business owners struggling it’s often because they are having a hard time making decisions. They want to grow but they don’t want to change anything. They want to make more money but they don’t want to work harder.

Building the business you want, means you know what to say yes to and what to say NO to. If you are resisting making decisions then you are resisting success.

That’s why strategy is so important. 

When you have a strategy laid out, you know what you need, and what you need to do, to succeed. 

You know what has to happen.

Because, you’ve thought it through. 

Strategy guides your decisions. It helps you make choices. It helps you become more proactive in your business vs reactive to everyday events.

Making a choice to take your business in a particular direction is strategic.

It doesn’t work every time. But, you have a better chance at success if you act with intentional decision making.

The more focused you are on where you want to be, the more efficient your business will become and the easier it will be to make decisions about where to spend money and where to save money. (Just like it was when you chose to buy that new piece of equipment.)

You had a vision then. You need a vision now. 

Write it. Draw it. Talk about it. What ever way works for you. 

If you want some help getting some direction for your business, deciding pricing plans or building marketings strategies, let’s set up a power session and work on it together :)