Make The Most Of The Summer Slowdown

It’s official we are entering the “summer slowdown”. It’s pretty standard for attendance to decline over the next couple of months as clients are traveling and schedules change.


But there is no reason for it to be dull! Oh no!


There are tons of ways that you can continue to build your business during this time.


Here are a few ideas:


1. Do a mid-year review. Take stock of where you are and where you want to go. What needs to change? This article can help guide you.

2. Get creative with promotions. It’s a great time to run some short-term promotions for the clients that stick around and could even bring some new people through the door. Think about extending the timing on your intro offer pricing or test out a new auto-pay option.

3. Review the systems inside your business. Does your website need an upgrade? Have a studio manual that is in desperate need of an update? Are your emails saying what you want them to say? Use your free time to get these tasks done.

4. Switch it up! Be proactive about managing your schedule and think about what your clients will be able to do during the summer months. Are their schedules different because school is out? Perhaps they can come to an early or a later session. Can you offer some kids friendly classes? What about classes outside?

5. Get ahead on your marketing. It’s not always easy to come up with ideas for what you want to share, and I know it’s the first thing that gets pushed aside when you are busy. So now is the perfect time to plan your promotions, messaging and content for the remainder of the year. Collect great pictures, create some templates and schedule ahead!

6. Run a challenge. A 30-day class challenge is a great way to get those clients who are still active to come to the studio more often. Can you do something similar in your studio?

7. Update your brand. Maybe it needs a little make-over? Perhaps its been a while since you spent time on your brand. As your business evolves, you get more clarity over the clients you are trying to reach and what exactly you want to tell them. If it is time for a review - let’s talk. Check out my online program Empowered Branding (pre-register your interest here or reply to this email). It takes you through a comprehensive branding exercise and shows you how you can share your message with the world!

8. (This  one is compulsory!) Invest in yourself. This is the perfect time to take time out and recharge your batteries in whatever way you need.


Have a fantastic summer!