Empowered Branding Program - Enrollment Open!

Imagine if:

  • You could teach as much as you like
  • You knew exactly what to say to new clients to get them through the door AND what to say to keep them coming back (without feeling like a slimy salesperson)
  • You were completely confident in your ability to market yourself and your business

Empowered Branding is designed to help you clarify, articulate and broadcast your value to attract and retain those clients you REALLY want in your business.

Enrollment is now open!

Empowered Branding is a proven combination of learning materials, discovery worksheets, personal coaching, tools and group discussion designed for your professional growth (with a sprinkle of accountability and tons of unwavering support thrown in for good measure).


The 10 week program kicks off on October 8th.

We cover:

Module 1: The Exchange - where value lies.

>> Understand the real value you deliver to your clients and why passion alone is not enough to create a thriving business.


Module 2: Distinguish Yourself - uncover what makes you unique

>> Define your core strengths and exactly what you should be highlighting to your clients and community.


Module 3: A Different Perspective - understand how clients see you

>> Identify why clients seek you out and what they need from you so that you can build a relationship that keeps them coming back.


Module 4: Engage At Your Best - authentically communicate the value you provide

>> Build a marketing plan that broadcasts your value and shares exactly what you want everyone to know about you.


You get directed worksheets to challenge you to think differently about your business. You are encouraged to submit your worksheets so that I can offer you personal feedback (and challenge you further - if you like that kind of thing ;)


And, I know you've got more to talk about when it comes to your business, so you get 2 x 1:1 personal coaching sessions (I call them Power Sessions, because… they ARE that effective!)


On top of that, there are regular office hour sessions where we discuss, share and learn from your co-participants. I’ve witnessed the huge value that comes from a community who hold similar interests, motivations and dreams and I want that for you too.



I want to make sure this is the right move for you and your business. How about we set up a virtual coffee date to chat and let answer your questions. Sound good? Book a time that works by clicking the button below: